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What's this about?

What started out as a personal art project has turned into a collaborative endeavor. The premise is simple: write an exactly 1000 word long story as pertaining to or inspired by an original image. The vision is to share stories that are worth telling through visual art and language. Join in or enjoy!

Jan 17



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These was good kids once, I thought to myself. I'd watched them growing up for years. Here I am, rocking in my chair on the porch listening to them brag about running drunk through the streets. Don't know why they come here. Maybe because I just listen and don't let on how this old grandpa sees all the growing up they still need.

Their stories prove my point. Skipping school, staying high, fighting, rampaging through the neighborhood earning themselves the name “gangsta”. Nothing I didn't do when I was their age, but the years had changed me.

Something in their tone scared me that day, though. If they think hunting down some punks who'd done something stupid could right the wrongs... I knew I had to say something, stop them, before they did something you can't undo – and so I spoke.

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Oct 11


This Boy and His Bicycle

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It’s wonderful to be back in my boyhood hometown again to visit with my now elderly mother. It seems like centuries ago when I was growing up here. Back then, this small town was just a backdrop that formed the unremarkable environment in which I lived my everyday life.

Mom’s doing great for her age, but she’s moving slower these days. After a lengthy but heartwarming talk in the den about my wife, the kids and how well work is going back in the big city far from here, we have reached the point of being all talked out for now.

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Dec 12


The Timekeeper

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Although he doesn't know it yet, on January 14th, at 73 years of age, Andrew will rest eternally at his late wife's side. On March 4th, at 29 years, he and his wife will have their first child. On October 18th, when he is 26, they will be married in a small, quaint ceremony among family, and in just a few minutes, at the age of 24, he will meet his wife-to-be at this coffee shop after accidentally spilling coffee on her. I know these things because I am here to make sure he trips...

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Aug 06



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It was Thanksgiving again, which meant that my family was making the long trek eastward to be around my siblings and their families back at the Old Home Place. We had gathered each of the past years since our father had passed away, but this was the first year that my mother, the last of that generation, was no longer around. My brothers and sister and I all lead very different lives, and were scattered about the country with our own families and jobs to keep us apart; this was one of the only times when we were all a big happy family again...

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